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New World Order

This programme is an international cinematic adventure roving across the boundaries that define present-day society, including geopolitics, technology, neo-colonialism and how the human future is only conceivable in relation to the past.

Sarah Perks

Total running time 89 min

Films in this programme
  • Image from Broken News, Dir Trim Lamba

    Broken News

  • Image from Uncontrollable Universe, Dir James Richards

    Uncontrollable Universe

  • Image from Queering Di Teknolojik, Dir Timothy Smith

    Queering Di Teknolojik

  • Image from Cocktail, Dir Enoch Cheng


  • Image from Hand in Hand, Dir Ming Wong

    Hand in Hand

  • Image from Mother of Fire, Dir Farah Al Qasimi

    Mother of Fire

Film 1

Broken News

Trim Lamba’s (Cracked Screen) new short looks at the exploitative circulation of video on the internet.

Dir Trim Lamba. UK 2019. 9min

Film 2

Uncontrollable Universe

A pan and zoom essay by Turner Prize-nominated artist James Richards, animating still life, found archive material and scans of medical equipment.

Dir James Richards. Germany-UK 2019. 5min

Film 3

Queering Di Teknolojik

Did we manage to dismantle the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy and avert the impending environmental catastrophe?

Dir Timothy Smith. UK 2019. 9min

Film 4


China’s internal economic migration through the dislocated people, creating the cities of the future, from Hong Kong artist and curator Enoch Cheng.

Dir Enoch Cheng. Hong Kong S.A.R 2019. 11min

Film 5

Hand in Hand

Sunu Jappo

Exploration of the Chinese-Senegalese relationship, featuring the Museum of Black Civilisations, recently built by China and conceived as a powerful symbol of decolonialisation.

Dir Ming Wong. Senegal-China-Germany 2019. 15min

Film 6

Mother of Fire

Um Al Naar

Confessional TV documentary following an ancient Jinn called Mother of Fire and her ruminations on the history of the UAE, colonial meddling and contemporary Eurocentric museum display practice.

Dir Farah Al Qasimi. United Arab Emirates-USA 2019. 40min

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