My Love, Don’t Cross That River

Nim-ah, Geu Gang-eul Gun-neo-ji Ma-o

A warm and tender exploration of a 76-year marriage in South Korea.

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Director Jin Mo-young
Producer Han Kyung-soo
Screenwriter Jin Mo-young
South Korea 2014
86 mins
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They are still very much in love, walk hand-in-hand in their bright matching outfits, splash about in the river and play mischievous jokes on each other. They’ve shared a lifetime of hardship and happiness, had children and now live off the land in their small house by the river. As Jo Byeon Man becomes increasingly more frail, Kang Kye Yeol prepares to say goodbye. In this warm and tender documentary, director Jin Mo Young captures small moments of intimacy in the daily life of a couple in their twilight years, creating an evocative and affecting reflection on lifelong love and companionship. The most commercially successful Korean independent film of all time when it was released domestically last year, My Love Don’t Cross That River won’t fail to inspire and move you.

Laure Bonville