Move to France. Put all your favourite genres in a blender. Get the hip hop blasting. Then hook up with a Japanese animation studio.


Dir Run, Shojiro Nishimi
Prod Anthony Roux
Scr Run
With Orelsan, Gringe
Sales Celluloid Dreams

If you see just one dystopian hip hop sci-fi animated feature this year… Loser pizza-delivery boy Angelino and his flaming-headed buddy Vinz live in a Californian ghetto called Dark Meat City. It’s a cockroach-infested hell hole but it’s home and orphan Angelino survives by keeping his big round head down. However, after clocking a mysterious girl Angelino starts seeing odd things about certain people on the street. And this They Live-style revelation sends him on the run from some shadowy square-jawed men in black. Pop culture references abound, from Batman and Ren and Stimpy to Grand Theft Auto. But nothing comes close to the high levels of WTF-ness on display here. Voiced by French rappers Casseurs Flowters (named after characters in Home Alone), Mutafukaz is fast-paced, very gory, flowing with juvenile humour and a total riot.

Kate Taylor