• Director

    Christian Schwochow

  • Producers

    Andrew Eaton

  • Screenwriter

    Ben Power

  • With

    George MacKay, Jeremy Irons, Jannis Niewöhner

  • Germany-UK 2021. 123min

  • UK Distribution


  • Language


    With English subtitles

In 1938, Europe teeters on the brink of conflict as Adolf Hitler prepares to invade Czechoslovakia in an effort to further his territorial expansion. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, desperate to find a peaceful resolution, finds himself in a race against time to prevent a war. As the stakes mount, British civil servant Hugh Legat and German diplomat Paul Hartmann attend an emergency conference in Munich. Once great friends from their days at Oxford, the now-estranged pair are forced to unite once again as they find themselves caught in a dangerous web of political deception. Skilfully adapted by British playwright Ben Power from Robert Harris’ novel, and boasting great performances from a top rate cast, Munich – The Edge of War is an exhilarating tale of friendship, trust and resilience in the face of catastrophic adversity.

Michael Blyth

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