• Director-Screenwriter

    Ana Lily Amirpour

  • Producers

    John Lesher, Adam Mirels, Robert Mirels, Dylan Weathered

  • With

    Jeon Jong-Seo, Kate Hudson, Craig Robinson

  • USA 2021. 106min

  • Sales

    Rocket Science

  • Language


At first glance, Mona Lisa looks like she wouldn’t hurt a fly. But appearances can deceive. Mona has a very special gift – the psychokinetic ability to control the actions of others. Using her lethal powers of persuasion to escape the psychiatric facility in which she has been locked up, Mona flees to New Orleans where she meets street smart-stripper Bonnie and her wise-beyond-his-years pre-teen son. Excited to exploit her new friend’s talents, Bonnie convinces Mona to swindle the skeezy punters at her strip joint out of their hard-earned dollars. But the pair best beware – although they’re raking in the cash, the police are closing in. With its down-and-dirty punk charm, Amirpour’s wickedly subversive, adult fairy-tale is a truly wild ride, bursting with wit, imagination, and perhaps most surprisingly, a huge beating heart.

Michael Blyth

Contains scenes viewers may find distressing.

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