Matthias & Maxime

A kiss between two childhood friends has dramatic repercussions in the eighth film from Xavier Dolan.

Dir-Scr Xavier Dolan
Prod Nancy Grant, Xavier Dolan
With Gabriel D’Almeida Freitas, Xavier Dolan, Pier-Luc Funk
Sales WaZabi Films
With partial English subtitles (some scenes are not in the English language)

Matthias (Gabriel D’Almeida Freitas) and Maxime (Dolan himself) have been friends since childhood. A few months before moving to Australia, Maxime spends the weekend with his friends at a lakeside retreat. As the boisterous gang laugh, drink and bicker, their host reveals she needs a pair of performers to kiss for her student film, promptly roping in Matthias and Maxime for the job. But the brief encounter causes a dramatic rift between the pair, forcing them to question what they really want from each other. As ever, Dolan proves himself a master visual craftsman, orchestrating ravishing set pieces which give voice to the emotions his characters hold within. But what is most striking here is the profound sense of intimacy and that aching sense of vulnerability that comes with accepting who you truly are.

Michael Blyth