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A Matter of Life and Death

Matter of Life and Death

A glorious love story and grand cosmic adventure wrapped up in a single masterpiece – courtesy of the twin geniuses of British cinema, Powell and Pressburger.


Dir-Prod-Scr Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
With David Niven, Kim Hunter
UK Distribution Park Circus Limited

A magical tale from the twin geniuses Powell and Pressburger, made up of equal parts true love and metaphysics. ‘This is the universe,’ our narrator declares over a darkly twinkling cosmos. ‘Big isn’t it?’ And with that perfect line, so begins one of the most unforgettable experiences in British film, with David Niven’s Second World War pilot Peter Carter falling to earth only to be found by June (Kim Hunter), a young American radio operator. In other hands, what follows could have been a simple wartime romance. Instead, it unfolds into an exquisitely comic celestial courtroom drama, with the guardians of the heavenly ‘next world’ staging a trial to decide if Peter should be summoned into the afterlife. Audaciously gliding between monochrome and Technicolor, this is a strange and lovely masterpiece, screened here in a painstaking restoration that offers the chance to see it at its most gorgeous.

Danny Leigh

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Restored in 4K by Sony Pictures Entertainment

The screening on Thu 12 Oct has an audio-description soundtrack for customers who are blind or partially sighted. Headphones are available on request.

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