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Maria Lassnig: New York Films 1970-1980

A rare chance to see the personal, intimate and newly restored films of the internationally celebrated Austrian portrait painter Maria Lassnig, who died in 2014.

Dir-Scr Maria Lassnig
Sales Maria Lassnig Foundation

Lassnig’s New York films take the form of concentrated diaristic portraits, utilising multiple-exposures and her own private, semi-whispered commentary. Tender reflections and inventive, close camerawork draw out the inner lives of Lassnig and her friends in the countercultural art community. Comprising 13 short works, newly scanned from original 16mm and Super8 prints by the Austrian Film Museum and the Maria Lassnig Foundation, this special programme features weaver Hildegard Absalon, Vienna Actionist Hermann Nitsch, animation sequences, and on-set documentation of the making of The Godfather – as well as footage of the moon.

William Fowler

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