• Director-Screenwriter

    Alex Camilleri

  • Producers

    Rebecca Anastasi, Oliver Mallia, Ramin Bahrani

  • With

    Jesmark Scicluna, Michela Farrugia, David Scicluna

  • Malta 2021. 94min

  • UK Distribution

    Peccadillo Pictures

  • Language

    Maltese, English

    With English subtitles

Self-employed fisherman Jesmark is struggling to make ends meet in an increasingly challenging profession. With a wife and young baby to support, Jesmark finds himself in constant battle against both draconian EU legislation, which limit the types of fish that can be caught each season, and the giant commercial trawlers that dominate the sea. Though determined to maintain his independence, despite mounting financial pressures at home, Jesmark sees no way out of his situation. Until he discovers a black-market operation that could offer a risky solution to his problems. Taking its name from the brightly coloured, traditional Maltese fishing boats, Luzzu is both an intimate and affecting character study – driven by a commanding performance by non-professional actor Jesmark Scicluna – and a soulful lament at the loss of cultural tradition in the face of political progress.

Michael Blyth

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