Lust to Love and In Between

The pursuit of love is a road well travelled. This series of short films shows the universality of desire and breadth of love.

Programmed by Aduke King | Total running time 102min

Films in this programme
  • Image from Isha, Dir Christopher Manning


  • Image from Nevada, Dir Emily Ann Hoffman


  • Image from Morning Person, Dir Özgür Anil

    Morning Person

  • Image from Boytime, Dir John Angus Stewart, Jono Kable


  • Image from 23 Red, Dir Julia Hart

    23 Red

  • Image from Happy Ending, Dir EunJu A-ra Choi

    Happy Ending

  • Image from Lasting Marks, Dir Charlie Lyne

    Lasting Marks

  • Image from The Field, Dir Sandhya Suri

    The Field

  • Image from A Female Body, Dir Thais Fernandes

    A Female Body

Film 1


Unable to tell his family the truth about his sexuality, Rahmi lives a double life in order to keep everyone happy.

Dir Christopher Manning. UK 2018. 14min

Film 2


The prospect of an unplanned pregnancy exposes minor tensions but, ultimately, strength and certainty in a loving relationship.

Dir Emily Ann Hoffman. USA 2017. 12min

Film 3

Morning Person


A young woman finds herself in a difficult situation with her family when she is caught between their expectations and her desires.

Dir Özgür Anil. Austria 2018. 5min

Film 4


This perfectly intimate monologue shows the ritualistic process of self-gratification.

Dir John Angus Stewart, Jono Kable. Australia 2018. 3min

Film 5

23 Red

An escort service with a difference gives Daniel the chance to rehash contentious issues with his ex, without actually having to confront her directly.

Dir Julia Hart. UK 2018. 10min

Film 6

Happy Ending

With real testimony from a Korean prostitute, this beautiful painted animation explores what it is like to be the subject of other people’s pleasure.

Dir EunJu A-ra Choi. UK 2018. 5min

Film 7

Lasting Marks

The story of a group of men with shared sexual desires, lucky to have found each other yet unfortunate to be considered criminal for expressing them.

Dir Charlie Lyne. UK 2018. 14min

Film 8

The Field

Le Champ de mais

A poor agricultural labourer leads a double life in the village’s last remaining cornfield. But the harvest is approaching…

Dir Sandhya Suri. France-UK-India 2018. 19min

Film 9

A Female Body

Um corpo feminino

This dynamic documentary is an open and honest journey that explores what it means to be a woman.

Dir Thais Fernandes. Brazil 2018. 20min