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Lucifer visits a village in Mexico and leaves the villagers in disarray, in this visionary drama, filmed within a circular frame.


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Director Gust Van den Berghe
Producer Tomas Leyers
Screenwriter Gust Van den Berghe
With Gabino Rodríguez, Norma Pablo, María Toral Acosta
Belgium 2014
108 mins
Sales NDM International Sales

Belgian maverick Gust van den Berghe completes his faith-themed trilogy with this thrillingly cinematic tale of Lucifer as an angel who visits a Mexican village and leaves suffering in his wake. Filmed in ‘Tondoscope’ – a circular frame in the centre of the screen – this beguiling cocktail of humour, theology and astonishing imagery is based on a book written by 17th-century Dutch playwright Joost van den Vondel, 13 years before Milton’s Paradise Lost. One day, a ladder to the sky appears in the village, and the arrival of the mysterious Lucifer is announced via the town’s loudspeaker. An old woman, her drunkard brother and beautiful granddaughter all hope the stranger will fulfil their wishes, while the local priest is distracted by the sound of invisible bells and his obsession with building a neon-festooned church. This is bold, strange, visionary cinema, an unforgettable screen experience.

Kate Taylor

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