The L-Shaped Room

An unmarried mother-to-be finds companionship among a gallery of warm and eccentric characters when she comes to London to have her child.


Dir-Scr Bryan Forbes
Prod Richard Attenborough, James Woolf, John Woolf, Jack Rix
With Leslie Caron, Tom Bell, Brock Peters

Bryan Forbes’ bittersweet portrayal of the seamy side of life in 1960s London attracted international acclaim for star Leslie Caron. Ever since Hitchcock’s The Lodger, the London boarding house has proved an evocative location through which to explore the underside of British society. Leslie Caron briefly stepped away from musicals to take the role of Jane, a young French woman pregnant with an illegitimate child, and was rewarded with both a Golden Globe® and a BAFTA® for her performance. Arriving at her dingy Notting Hill lodgings to have her child in secret, Jane finds love and friendship among the residents, an assortment of outsiders brought to life by Forbes’ sensitive ear for dialogue. Especially moving is Cicely Courtneidge as a faded music hall star growing old alone and Pat Phoenix’s portrayal of a tart with a heart.

Josephine Botting

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Restored in 4K by Sony Pictures Entertainment. In collaboration with the BFI’s Unlocking Film Heritage Programme.

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