• Writer-Director

    Ruth Greenberg

A woman’s morning run takes a dark turn.

Leave to Remain

  • Writer-Director

    Remy Bazerque

Things get wild at the VISA and immigration services when Karim, a young Iranian father living in the UK, is mistakenly threatened with deportation.

Born Again

  • Writer-Director

    Candice Onyeama

A British Nigerian woman tormented by her inability to have children experiences a transformative baptism, leading her on a journey of healing and rebirth.

Waiting for God

  • Writer-Director

    Alecky Blythe

Raymond and Keith are both homeless, variously living on the streets or bunking in Keith’s occasional temporary accommodation. Raymond is promised a home of his own but when the system fails him, his battle with the bottle takes a downward turn and unleashes his violent tendencies.


  • Director

    Roxy Rezvany

  • Writers

    Emily Renée & Roxy Rezvany

A young woman goes to the police to report her husband for domestic abuse, but rather than finding the relief she longs for, she faces a gruelling interrogation.

Honesty was funded by BBC and BFI Network