Short films programme

London Calling

A selection of new shorts from some of the capital’s most exciting upcoming filmmakers, supported by Film London’s production schemes.

Josic Cadoret

Total running time 99min


Champion stockcar driver Charlie is a racer not a wrecker. But would he take a beating and risk it all for those he loves?

Image from Firecracker

Dir Jonathan Harris
UK 2016

We Love Moses

Twelve-year-old Ella’s obsession with her brother’s best friend lands her with a potent secret.

Image from We Love Moses

Dir Dionne Edwards
UK 2016

Men Talk About Mother

How much of our mother can we really know? This animated documentary explores three men’s recollections.

Image from Men Talk About Mother

Dir Bunny Schendler
UK 2016

Bunny & Clive

News of a new girlfriend disrupts mother-and-son crime duo Bunny and Clive.

Image from Bunny & Clive

Dir Robert Ford
UK 2016

The Prevailing Winds

A lone hiker searches for her sister across moorland, despite an invisible and deadly threat in the air.

Image from The Prevailing Winds

Dir Adam Butcher
UK 2016

Knock Down Ginger

After a prank goes wrong on the estate, Sarah-Lee learns that growing up is not all fun and games.

Image from Knock Down Ginger

Dir Cleo Samoles-Little
UK 2016

Pregnant Pause

Pee. Wait. Panic. Steph is in a happy, long-term relationship, but now that she might be pregnant she has no idea what she wants.

Image from Pregnant Pause

Dir Alice Seabright
UK 2016

The Purple Plain

The forgotten story of the Mercury 13, the first American women to train for space exploration.

Image from The Purple Plain

Dir Kim Albright
UK 2016