Lights of Old Broadway

Marion Davies plays twins separated at birth – one rich, one poor – as electrification hits old New York in a restoration that features gorgeous colour scenes.

Please note we will be screening a restored 35mm print.

Dir-Prod Monta Bell
Scr Carey Wilson
With Marion Davies, Conrad Nagel, George K Arthur
Prod Co Cosmopolitan Productions for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

In this jolly romp through old New York, Marion Davies demonstrates her knack for light comedy and drama, in a dual role as twins separated at birth. One girl is raised in a wealthy Manhattan neighbourhood, while the other grows up a pugnacious free spirit in an Irish shanty town. The lights of the title refer to the new power source in the city, but also taps into the film’s crescendo, with its beautifully-coloured scenes that employ several different techniques: Technicolor, Handschiegl and tinting.

Bryony Dixon

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Preserved by the Library of Congress.

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