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LFF Connects: Boots Riley

Multi-hyphenate rapper, director, activist, author, poet, producer and screenwriter Boots Riley joins us to examine his work as socially conscious artist and activist.

Until recently, best known as the lead vocalist of political hip hop groups The Coup and Street Sweeper Social Club, Boots Riley is fervently dedicated to the struggle for political change through culture. His interest in politics began at a young age, inspiring him to join the Progressive Labor Party and the International Committee Against Racism as a young teenager, and latterly the Occupy Oakland movement and activist group The Young Comrades. But he’s also recently turned to filmmaking with explosive success. His directorial debut Sorry to Bother You, is a biting, brilliantly funny critique of capitalism, greed and institutional racism, with its huge commercial success in the US showing he’s tapped into the pulse of a politically engaged generation. Riley joins us to share thoughts on the role of art in politics and discuss a career that shows how popular art and political engagement can co-exist.

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