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  • Arab Blues

    Dir-Scr Manele Labidi Labbé | France

    In this provocative culture clash comedy, Golshifteh Farahani (About Elly, Paterson) plays a Parisian psychoanalyst attempting to set up a practice in a post-Arab Spring Tunis.

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  • Axone

    Dir-Scr Nicholas Kharkongor | India

    This bittersweet comedy follows migrants in Delhi who are attempting to organise a wedding party, but soon find everything going wrong.

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  • The Climb

    Dir Michael Angelo Covino | USA

    The vertiginous ups and downs in two men’s friendship spans several years and outrageous events in this award-winning US indie comedy.

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  • Days of the Bagnold Summer

    Dir Simon Bird | UK

    Simon Bird’s directorial debut is a warm and witty graphic novel adaptation about a single librarian trying to reconnect with her introverted, metalhead teenage son.

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  • The Father

    Dir Kristina Grozeva, Petar Valchanov | Bulgaria-Greece-Italy

    After the funeral of Vasil’s wife, the belief that she has phoned from beyond the grave leads to a journey both touching and absurd.

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  • It Must Be Heaven

    Dir-Scr Elia Suleiman | France-Qatar-Germany-Canada-Turkey-Palestine

    Acclaimed Palestinian filmmaker Elia Suleiman returns with another deadpan take on life in exile with the typically assured and moving It Must Be Heaven.

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  • The Lost Okoroshi

    Dir-Prod Abba Makama | Nigeria

    A man who wakes up to discover he has undergone a transformation takes a revelatory journey to see if ancestral tradition has a place in modern life.

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  • Lucky Grandma

    Dir Sasie Sealy | USA

    A crafty Coen-esque black comedy about an elderly widow who inadvertently steals from the Chinese mob and subsequently takes on the gangs to secure her fortune.

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  • Maggie

    Dir Yi Ok-seop | South Korea

    Prepare to have your pants charmed off by this quirky freeform journey through a Seoul beset by mysteriously appearing sinkholes – all narrated by a catfish.

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  • Rare Beasts

    Dir-Scr Billie Piper | UK

    Billie Piper stars in her own directorial debut, a no-holds-barred anti-romcom about a modern woman’s struggles in work and love.

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  • The Unknown Saint

    Dir-Scr Alaa Eddine Aljem | Morocco-France

    Alaa Eddine Aljem’s darkly comic feature debut is smart, refreshing, original and an astute reflection on the human need to believe in something.

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