The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Director Joe Talbot and writer-performer Jimmie Fails create a gorgeous, inventive meditation on art, architecture, black culture and gentrification in California’s Bay Area.

Dir Joe Talbot
Prod Khaliah Neal, Joe Talbot, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Christina Oh
Scr Joe Talbot, Rob Richert, Jimmie Fails
With Jimmie Fails, Jonathan Majors, Rob Morgan
UK Distribution Universal Pictures International

Jimmie (Jimmie Fails) dreams of reclaiming the beautiful late 19th century home his grandfather built in the heart of the city, before harder times and changing demographics forced his family out. He and best friend Mont (Jonathan Majors) scheme to make this happen while Jimmie annoys the sitting tenants with guerrilla gardening on the beloved Fillmore house. A skateboarder and dreamy, suit-wearing playwright, the pair are at odds with the tough guys around the neighbourhood, and spend their time working to deliver Jimmie’s dream while living with Mont’s grandfather (Danny Glover). Occasionally, a film comes around that thrillingly invents its own cinematic rhythms, perfectly suited to its subject. The Last Black Man in San Francisco is such a film and it’s one to make your head sing and heart soar.

Tricia Tuttle

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