Kingdom of Us

A powerful documentary exploring the collective recovery of a family following the father’s suicide.


Dir Lucy Cohen
Prod Julia Nottingham
UK Distribution Netflix

How does a family deal with the memories of a traumatic event? It’s a question examined with great sensitivity in this moving documentary. In her quietly watchful debut, British director Lucy Cohen impresses with a delicate, but powerfully effective exploration of grief, identity and family bonds. For over two years, Cohen filmed a mother and her seven children – six young women and a young man, whose father killed himself, leaving them in financial ruin. Incorporating archive footage of the family and evocatively capturing the West Midlands landscape around them, Kingdom of Us is a record of the siblings’ emotional recovery as they piece together their broken past and reflect on their fears and aspirations for the future. Cohen’s film possesses a luminous quality, highlighting the power of youth and resilience, as the family travel along the rocky road towards hope.

Laure Bonville

Festival guests

These members of the filmmaking team are expected to attend the festival:

  • Lucy Cohen, Director

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