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The director of After Love ventures into new territory with a drama about a mother and son taking to horseback in search of reconciliation.

Dir Joachim Lafosse
Prod Jacques-Henri Bronckart, Olivier Bronckart
Scr Joachim Lafosse, Thomas Van Zuylen
With Virginie Efira, Kacey Mottet-Klein, Diego Martin
Sales Le Pacte

In the expanses of Kyrgyzstan, a woman and a youth trek into the unknown – not least, the unknown of their own relationship. Sybille (Virginie Efira) has persuaded her adult son Samuel (Kacey Mottet-Klein) to come on this challenging journey in the hope of finding a new rapport – but challenges await, as much from their own personalities as from the arduous landscape. Based on a novel by Laurent Mauvignier, this visually magnificent piece is the latest from Joachim Lafosse (Our Children), a specialist in psychological exploration, but represents something new for him. It’s also a terrific platform for Efira, also in the LFF with Impossible Love, and Mottet-Klein (André Téchiné’s Being 17, Shockwaves – Diary of My Mind), both magnificent in what’s essentially a two-hander – but with accompanying horses.

Jonathan Romney

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