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Films in Journey

Whether it’s the journey or the destination, films to transport you and shift your perspective.

This year’s Journey is about the temporal voyage. In Embrace of the Serpent and Aferim! history haunts protagonists. Others attempt to forget (Sworn Virgin, The Mud Woman) and hold on to former selves (Youth). Old and young are frozen between past and present (Red Leaves, Ixcanul (Volcano)), while geographical flux provokes dislocation (Exotica Erotica etc., Songs my Brother Taught Me) and creative inspiration (Sailing on a Sinking Sea). Flights into the past may prove personally painful, but the new documentary Sembene! and restored Black Girl beautifully illustrate how in the cinema it is often by looking back that one learns to see.

Jemma Desai

Journey Gala

The AssassinThe Assassin

Hou Hsiao-Hsien, winner of the Best Director award at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, presents his mesmerising first foray into martial arts.

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Aferim! Aferim!

A dazzlingly original Romanian ‘western’, and an unusually vivid, witty demonstration of how the world has changed – or not...

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Black Girl Black Girl

“An astonishing movie – so ferocious, so haunting, and so unlike anything we’d ever seen.” – Martin Scorsese

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Cowboys Cowboys

Sometime Jacques Audiard co-writer Thomas Bidegain moves into directing with this bold, unpredictable thriller about an Americana-obsessed French family in search of their missing daughter.

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Dog Lady Dog Lady

A witty, original portrait of a defiant maverick living with her canine companions on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

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Embrace of the Serpent Embrace of the Serpent

Based on real-life journals, this is a stunning journey through the heart of the Colombian Amazon.

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The End of the Tour The End of the Tour

A bittersweet dramatisation of life on the road with reluctant superstar novelist David Foster Wallace.

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Exotica, Erotica, Etc. Exotica, Erotica, Etc.

A journey through the industrial ports of Europe re-imagined as a modern-day take on The Odyssey.

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Gold Coast Gold Coast

A Terrence Malick-like luminous and highly personal vision of 19th century colonial Africa, and the inner life and conflicts of a young Danish botanist, visionary and progressive thinker.

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Ixcanul (Volcano)Ixcanul (Volcano)

A remarkable tale of rural life in Guatemala for a group of people living on the side of a volcano.

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King Jack King Jack

American small town, hazy summer, local bully – a tough, but tender coming-of-age story.

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Land of Mine Land of Mine

Morally complex story of young German POWs faced with the deadly task of landmine clearance in postwar Denmark.

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Listen to Me Marlon Listen to Me Marlon

A glorious, affectionate, hugely enjoyable film employing extensive archive footage of the reclusive star, Marlon Brando.

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Mountains May Depart Mountains May Depart

Jia Zhangke delivers another ambitious, astute and humane drama, spanning the early days of Chinese capitalism to a vision of 2025.

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The Mud Woman The Mud Woman

Catalina Saavedra (The Maid) stars in this stark and gripping social critique which attempts to restore some dignity to Chile’s migrant worker population.

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Murmur of the Hearts Murmur of the Hearts

Sylvia Chang spins a dreamy tale of misfits trying to deal with the past, so they can find love and move on.

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Necktie Youth Necktie Youth

The post-Apartheid youth of Johannesburg may not have seen the struggles their parents lived through but they have more than enough problems of their own.

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The New Classmate The New Classmate

A charming tale of a poor single mother who comes up with an ingenious plan to convince her rebellious daughter to study.

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Petting Zoo Petting Zoo

A portrait of life among the underbelly of Texan society, where a young girl is forced to grow up fast.

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The Raging Moon The Raging Moon

This tender love story between two young people in wheelchairs was ahead of its time in its attempts to change attitudes to disability.

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Red Leaves Red Leaves

An aging patriarch forces himself on his family after the death of his wife only to realise that their modern ways don’t chime with his worldview.

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Right Now, Wrong Then Right Now, Wrong Then

Hong Sang-soo delivers a low-key charmer about a filmmaker, a painter, and a lot of Soju.

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Rocco and His Brothers Rocco and His Brothers

An opera without the arias, Visconti’s masterpiece sees five brothers battle over love, passion and morality.

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Sailing a Sinking Sea Sailing a Sinking Sea

Crystal clear water, legends of modern-day mermaids – meet the Mokens, a nomadic seafaring community living off the Andaman coast.

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Sembene! Sembene!

The godfather of African film and a cinematic pioneer gets the homage he deserves with this fascinating portrait.

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Songs My Brothers Taught Me Songs My Brothers Taught Me

A striking, visually sensuous account of life on a reservation in South Dakota.

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Sworn Virgin Sworn Virgin

Alba Rohrwacher is astonishing as the Albanian woman who has chosen not to marry and so must live the identity of a man, only to question her existence on a trip to Italy.

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Youth Youth

From the director of The Great Beauty, this delicious bittersweet drama is set in the worlds of film and music and features a tour de force performance by Michael Caine.

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Short films programme

MadeleineIn the Neighbourhood

Journey from big city neighbourhoods to small town backwaters, with stories of love, death and moments that have life-changing consequences.

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Short films programme

BalconyLondon Calling

A selection of new shorts from some of the capital’s most exciting upcoming filmmakers, supported by Film London’s production schemes.

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