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Films in Journey

Whether it’s the journey or the destination, films to transport you and shift your perspective.

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  • Roma

    Dir-Scr Alfonso Cuarón | Mexico

    Straight from the heart of Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity, Children of Men), this glorious reminiscence of a momentous year is a sumptuous black-and-white ode to the woman who shaped his early life.

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Feature films

  • Arctic

    Dir Joe Penna | Iceland

    Mads Mikkelsen astounds in this gripping tale of one man’s gruelling fight for survival against the elements.

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  • Ash is Purest White

    Dir-Scr Jia Zhang-ke | China-France

    Heartbreak and resilience fuel this quietly epic saga, in which one woman’s fortitude and knack for crime carry her through a rapidly changing China.

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  • Celeste

    Dir Ben Hackworth | Australia

    Radha Mitchell stars in this humid, atmospheric drama that explores the relationship between a troubled opera singer and her adult stepson, set deep in the Queensland rainforest.

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  • Dovlatov

    Dir Aleksey German Jr | Russia-Poland-Serbia

    In this powerful account of the struggles of banned writer Sergei Dovlatov, Aleksey German Jr. provides an unusual insight into the literary world of Soviet Russia.

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  • Eldorado

    Dir-Scr Markus Imhoof | Switzerland-Germany

    Markus Imhoof blends the intensely personal with the socio-political to powerful effect in this documentary, a penetrating examination of how migrants are treated upon arrival in Europe.

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  • Etangs Noirs

    Dir-Scr Pieter Dumoulin, Timeau De Keyser | Belgium

    Nothing is quite what it seems in this enigmatic mystery which promises to be one of the most original films of the year.

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  • The Fight

    Dir-Scr Jessica Hynes | UK

    Jessica Hynes’ directorial debut is a life-affirming lesson in the importance of learning to stand up for yourself.

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  • Holy Tour

    Dir-Scr Valéry Rosier, Méryl Fortunat-Rossi | Belgium-France

    It’s summer. The Tour de France is coming and senior fans arrive in their camper vans in this endearing documentary that revels in its visual humour.

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  • Keep Going

    Dir Joachim Lafosse | Belgium-France

    The director of After Love ventures into new territory with a drama about a mother and son taking to horseback in search of reconciliation.

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  • The Load

    Dir-Scr Ognjen Glavonić | Serbia-France-Croatia-Iran-Qatar

    Vlada is employed to drive an unidentified cargo to Belgrade, but is forced to use back roads on his journey into a heart of darkness.

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  • Long Day’s Journey into Night

    Dir-Scr Bi Gan | China-Taiwan-France

    A dazzling dive into a noir-like dreamscape singles out Bi Gan’s partially 3D feature as the most intoxicating cinematic experience of the year.

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  • Maki’la

    Dir-Scr Machérie Ekwa Bahango | Congo-France

    Machérie Ekwa Bahango’s directorial debut is a compassionate and acutely observed portrait of homelessness experienced by young people in Kinshasa.

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  • Maya

    Dir-Scr Mia Hansen-Løve | France

    Mia Hansen-Løve (Things to Come, Eden) crafts a beguiling, India-set road movie about a French journalist recovering from severe PTSD, following his abduction in Syria.

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  • Miriam Lies

    Dir-Scr Natalia Cabral, Oriol Estrada | Dominican Republic

    A quinceañera celebration is nothing but nerve-racking for teenage Miriam, in this nuanced film that tackles race and class tensions in the Dominican Republic.

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  • Monrovia, Indiana

    Dir-Prod Frederick Wiseman | USA

    This small town in Indiana, a traditionally Republican state, known as the Crossroads of America is subject to documentarian Frederick Wiseman’s treatment.

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  • Namdev Bhau in Search of Silence

    Dir-Scr Dar Gai | India

    In this endearing black comedy, a 65-year-old who can’t take noisy Mumbai anymore sets off on a thwarted quest for Himalayan silence.

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  • The Sisters Brothers

    Dir Jacques Audiard | France, Spain, Belgium

    John C Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix play sibling hired killers in Jacques Audiard’s (Rust and Bone, The Prophet) touching, darkly funny and free-wheeling Western.

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  • They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead

    Dir Morgan Neville | USA

    This scintillating documentary, which features a wealth of archive footage and contemporary interviews, tells the little-known story of Orson Welles’ unfinished film The Other Side of The Wind.

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  • Three Faces

    Dir-Prod-Scr Jafar Panahi | Iran

    Eight years into his filmmaking ban, Iranian director Jafar Panahi delivers another perceptive sideways glance at the contradictions that exist in contemporary Iranian society.

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  • Twin Flower

    Dir-Scr Laura Luchetti | Italy

    This beguiling drama, unfolding amidst the beauty of Sardinia’s sun-dappled landscape, charts the unlikely friendship between a traumatised woman and an illegal immigrant.

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  • The Wild Pear Tree

    Dir Nuri Bilge Ceylan | Turkey-France-Germany

    Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s follow-up to his Palme d’Or-winning Winter Sleep is a persuasive portrait of a young writer at odds with his hometown and family.

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  • Winter Flies

    Dir Olmo Omerzu | Czech Republic-Slovenia-Poland-Slovakia

    Two teenagers embark on a quixotic journey in a stolen car across the Czech Republic in Olmo Omerzu’s bittersweet take on the road movie genre.

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  • Yomeddine

    Dir-Scr A.B. Shawky | Egypt

    Egyptian filmmaker A.B. Shawky makes his feature debut with this utterly unique road movie which charts the friendship between a leper and a young orphan.

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