A bone-crunching martial arts extravaganza from Cambodia set to delight fans of The Raid.


Dir Jimmy Henderson
Prod Loy Te
Scr Jimmy Henderson, Michael Hodgson
With Céline Tran, Jean Paul Ly, Tharoth Sam
Sales XYZ Films

Wanting to see how they do things in Cambodia, a Parisian cop joins an elite police unit trained in the national martial art of Bokator. Their mission is to safely deliver the weaselly criminal Playboy to his cell in Prei Klaa jail. But Playboy has betrayed The Butterflies, a fearsome all-female criminal gang. Their fiery boss (who happens to be a dab hand with a samurai sword) plots a prison revolt that will deliver him into her clutches. Cue a succession of down-and-dirty fight scenes as the cops battle a prison full of bloodthirsty inmates, including The Cannibal, who was once so hungry he ate his own balls. This ultra-violent extravaganza zips along in a fun, playful tone. And as an old-school action flick in the vein of The Raid, it wisely ensures the focus remains on the intense fight scenes, showcasing the cast’s jaw-dropping skills.

Kate Taylor