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Ivan Tsarevitch and the Changing Princess

Ivan Tsarevitch et la princesse changeante

These exquisite animated tales are alive with monsters, golden fruit and pirates. Each one is enchanting and features witty dialogue and crafted visuals.


Dir-Scr Michel Ocelot
Prod Christophe Rossignon, Philip Boëffard
With Yves Barsacq, Marine Griset, Julien Beramis
Prod Co Nord Ouest Films

The master of French contemporary animation, Michel Ocelot brings four fairy tales to life using his sophisticated signature silhouette style. In ‘The Mistress of Monsters’, a girl squares up to the creatures that keep her society in fear. ‘The Sorcerer’s Pupil’ features a smart Persian boy who becomes an apprentice to a powerful magician with a sinister ulterior motive for hiring him. ‘The Ships Boy and His Cat’ follows a boy bonded to a pirate ship who finds his opportunity to trump its cruel captain when they stop in India. Finally, ‘Ivan Tsarevitch and the Changing Princess’ depicts a frantic journey through a kingdom to try and save the life of the Tsar. Continuing on from his Family Gala treat, Tales of the Night (LFF2011), Ocelot presents yet more wonderfully exquisite stories. They possess an intoxicating, enchanting sensibility, replete with sharp dialogue and a dry sense of humour.

Justin Johnson

Short film


Dir Britt Raes. Belgium 2016. 12min

Catherine doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to her pets; hopefully Kitty will be okay.

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Suitable for ages 8+. With English subtitles.

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