Sensitive Iranian drama of thwarted romance and familial responsibility.

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Dir Ida Panahandeh
Prod Mastaneh Mohajer
Scr Arsalan Amiri, Ida Panahandeh
With Hedieh Tehrani, Pejman Bazeghi, Hoda Zeinolabedin
Sales DreamLab Films

Ida Panahandeh’s highy-anticipated second feature is a meticulously constructed reflection on lost love, loneliness and life choices, viewed through the prism of three intersecting lives. A fight erupts at the funeral of Mahi’s young son – a successful wrestler who died suddenly in a car crash. Behrooz, a figure from Mahi’s past, has turned up to pay his respects. An unexpected and unwelcome guest, he has returned after two decades in exile to sell his land and meet his fiancée Sara for the first time. Having spent a lifetime caring for her disabled mother, Sara is at odds with her brother about how to care for their mother and determined to take a step towards enjoying a life of her own. But Mahi and Behrooz’s reunion stirs up a painful past. Panahandeh sensitively articulates the reasons why their young love wasn’t allowed to flourish and brings into focus its long-term repercussions.

Elhum Shakerifar