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In the Room

A Singapore hotel room plays host to the love stories of its international guests through the decades.

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Director Eric Khoo
Producer Nansun Shi
Screenwriters Jonathan Lim, Andrew Hook
With Khobbi Kim, Laurence Wong, Show Nishino
Hong Kong-Singapore 2015
90 mins
Sales Sales Distribution Workshop (HK) Ltd

A series of international guests conduct their tangled affairs on the sheets of a hotel bed in this paean to the pains and pleasures of love. These many stories, though separated by years, all take place in the same Singapore hotel room. They include a repressed gay romance, a sparky young Korean ‘will they/won’t they’, and a couple’s tender last night together before a gender-reassignment surgery. Each decade is given a fabulous production design that illustrates the mores of the era while hinting at the hotel’s gradual decline. Threaded together by a ghost story about a rock star who burnt out too soon, and the tale of a woman forever trying to replicate the lost lust of a former lover, the film is infused with a nostalgic, dreamy sense of the passing of time. So many small intimacies set to fade without a trace.

Kate Taylor

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