Ingrid Goes West

An emotionally unstable young woman moves to California to stalk her social media idol and insinuates herself into her picture-perfect life.

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Dir Matt Spicer
Prod Jared Ian Goldman, Tim White, Trevor White, Adam Mirels, Robert Mirels, Aubrey Plaza
Scr Matt Spicer, David Branson Smith
With Aubrey Plaza, Elizabeth Olsen, O’Shea Jackson Jr.
UK Distribution Universal Pictures

Social Media White Female: this jet-black stalker comedy, driven by Aubrey Plaza’s fearless lead performance, brilliantly skewers dangerous obsession and the sham of Instagrammed perfection. When life goes south for Ingrid (her mother dies, crazed retribution at a wedding leads to time out on a psychiatric ward), she goes west. Armed with her inheritance, she hits Venice Beach to find Taylor Sloane. A social media celebrity extraordinaire, whose online feeds overflow with sun-kissed, bohemian LA chic, Taylor is a world away from Ingrid’s painful past. She artfully inveigles herself into her idol’s orbit, though Taylor’s narcissism and her own instability means the threat of being unmasked is just a ‘Send’ away. Ingrid Goes West’s wicked wit and delectably twisted double-act from Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen daringly flirts with psychological horror and full-blown tragedy. And its dark humour transgressively suggests that Ingrid’s flickering sociopathic self-awareness arguably makes her the sanest of them all.

Leigh Singer

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  • Matt Spicer, Director; Aubrey Plaza, Cast

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