This slow-burn study of religious obsession tries to fathom what drove a young law student to assassinate Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

Dir Yaron Zilberman
Prod David Silber, Sharon Harel-Cohen, Tamar Sela, Yaron Zilberman, Ruth Cats, Moshe Edery, Ron Leshem
Scr Ron Leshem, Yaron Zilberman
With Yehuda Nahari Halevi, Amitay Yaish Ben Ousilio, Anat Ravnizky
Sales WestEnd Films
With English subtitles

While his family were at home watching Crocodile Dundee 2, 25-year-old Yigal Amir, a bright law student, was readying himself to gun down Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin following a rally in Tel Aviv. The factors that motivated him are the basis of Yaron Zilberman’s chilling and urgent account of Amir’s religious radicalisation, a story of twisted ideology that carries a universal message. It starts with the Oslo Peace Accords of 1993. Many Israelis are thrilled at the prospect of peace in the Middle East, but just as many, including Amir, are not. He joins protest groups that accuse Rabin of giving away Israeli land and, worse, of arming the Palestinians. Debating the topic with local rabbis, Amir becomes convinced that Rabin is subject to God’s law and must be punished accordingly.

Damon Wise

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  • Yaron Zilberman, director; Yehuda Nahari Halevi, cast; Sharon Harel Coen, producer; Tamar Sela, producer; Ruth Cats, producer.

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