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...In an Age of Consent

The definition of consent is to give permission.

Intimacy is defined by a consensual physicality evident in romantic love, sexual activity, a beautiful friendship and random intimate moments with passing strangers. That line of consent is interrogated in the films here, holding up a magnifying glass to every intimate moment from a misplaced hand to the power dynamics of a sexual situation to the re-contextualisation of a past narrative.

Philip Ilson

Total running time 110min.

This is a 18+ screening. Content warning: This programme contains scenes of a sexual nature.

Films in this programme
  • Image from Keep Breathing, Dir Mark Corden

    Keep Breathing

  • Image from Spring Fever, Dir Anna Snowball

    Spring Fever

  • Image from Duck Daze, Dir Alison Piper

    Duck Daze

  • Image from Rehearsal, Dir Courtney Thérond


  • Image from The Stroker , Dir Pilvi Takala

    The Stroker

  • Image from Watermelon Juice, Dir Irene Moray

    Watermelon Juice

  • Image from Online, Dir Léopold Kraus


Film 1

Keep Breathing

Trapped in a lift, a man and woman are forced to confront each other about the night they first met.

Dir Mark Corden. UK 2019. 19min

Film 2

Spring Fever

A refreshingly different and fun sex education class in the Netherlands. This is an anti-shame class.

Dir Anna Snowball. UK-Netherlands 2019. 9min

Film 3

Duck Daze

Johnina seeks revenge on her childhood abuser and the community that enabled him.

Dir Alison Piper. UK 2019. 8min

Film 4


A film crew pushes the boundaries of consent during a courtesy rehearsal for its female lead.

Dir Courtney Thérond. USA 2019. 8min

Film 5

The Stroker

Nina touches people as part of a cutting-edge well-being programme at Second Home office space. The nuances of movement demonstrate how people negotiate acceptable behaviour in the workspace.

Dir Pilvi Takala. Finland-UK 2019. 15min

Film 6

Watermelon Juice

Suc de síndria

Barbara and Pol are on holiday with friends in a remote house. They want to have a good time and to find a peaceful space where they can enjoy their intimacy.

Dir Irene Moray. Spain 2019. 22min

Film 7



Alice lives between reality and social media. One day, her ex-boyfriend puts one of their sex tapes online.

Dir Léopold Kraus. France 2019. 22min

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