House of My Fathers

Mouna Kaandam

A surreal and disturbing tale centred on two divided villages in a civil war where women are unable to conceive and a remedy is desperately sought.

Dir-Prod-Scr Suba Sivakumaran
With Bimal Jayakodi, Pradeepa, Steve De La Zilwa
Sri Lanka
Sales Asian Shadows

Akin to an ancient Greek tragedy, Suba Sivakumaran explores the bigotry and power struggles that result in war. Presenting a female perspective on the Sri Lankan civil war, we see two opposing villages – one Tamil, the other Sinhalese – construct a dividing fence, with death promised for attempting to breach it. But with the women in both villages unable to give birth, a prophecy must be fulfilled: a Sinhalese man and Tamil woman must travel into the forest of the afterlife together. On their journey, the traumatised pair meet those killed in the conflict, which opens old and bitter wounds in them. Can they carry out the requirements of the prophecy?

Cary Rajinder Sawhney