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Hollywood Disections

The industry of desire provides the raw material for these forceful incisions into the facade of glamour. These filmmakers create new interpretations and expose hidden histories.

Helen de Witt

Total running time 81min

Two Marxists in Hollywood

A witty and poignant re-staging of Sergei Eisenstein and Bertold Brecht’s time in Hollywood, narrated by two young boys.

Image from Two Marxists in Hollywood

Dir Zoe Beloff
USA 2015

A Woman Returns from a Journey

A mysterious woman travels through the threatening territory of film noir and the enigmas of philosophy.

Image from A Woman Returns from a Journey

Dir Ruth Novaczek
UK-USA 2015

The Man from Hong Kong

An atmospheric collage that combines the soundtrack of a Bruce Lee film with French fashion photography and home movies.

Image from The Man from Hong Kong

Dir Karen Yasinsky
USA 2015


Optical printing brings to life the Bride of Frankenstein.

Image from BoF

Dir David Leister
UK 2016

Juke – Passages from the Films of Spencer Williams

The career of African American actor, director and scriptwriter Spencer Williams re-enacted in a plotless montage film.

Image from Juke – Passages from the Films of Spencer Williams

Dir Thom Andersen
USA 2015

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