• Director

    Stefan Ruzowitzky

  • Producers

    Oliver Neumann, Sabine Moser, Bady Minck, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu

  • Screenwriters

    Robert Buchschwenter, Hanno Pinter, Stefan Ruzowitzky

  • With

    Murathan Muslu, Liv Lisa Fries

  • Austria-Luxembourg 2021. 98min

  • Sales

    Beta Cinema GmbH

  • Language


    With English subtitles

In contrast to his acclaimed 2007 Oscar-winner The Counterfeiters, which told a forgotten story of the Second World War, Stefan Ruzowitzky’s latest looks at the forgotten men of the First. Rendered in a nightmarish, vertiginous style that recalls the roughly contemporary German Expressionist classic The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, it finds a group of Austrian POWs, led by the world-weary captain Perg (Murathan Muslu), returning to a Vienna they hardly recognise – and a society that barely remembers them. Almost immediately, one of their number is brutally murdered, then another, then another; each time, the killer leaves a series of gruesome clues. Against the wishes of his superiors, Perg resumes his pre-war career as a criminologist, in this satisfying whodunnit set against the jaded dawn of modern fascism.

Damon Wise

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