Fleabag meets Hong Sangsoo in this funny and savage film that stars its director, Ga-young Jeong, as a woman without boundaries.

Dir-Scr Ga-young Jeong
Prod Su-boon Ok
With Ga-young Jeong, Suck-hyeong Lee, Tae-hwan Choi
South Korea
Sales M-Line Distribution
With English subtitles

In her previous film Hit the Night, Jeong played an unethical filmmaker pretending to research a film so she could seduce an actor she fancies. Now, in Heart, she plays an asshole filmmaker who seeks out the married man she slept with, on the night of the birth of his first child, so she can ask his advice about an affair with another married man. An audacious film, with excellent scenes of people sat on sofas having increasingly drunken conversations, the script excels at deadpan staccato dialogue, as Jeong’s character spars with the art teacher who’s both bewildered by and attracted to her. Heart will induce some of the most pleasurable squirms you’ll have in the cinema this year: ‘Can I think of him while we do it?’

Kate Taylor

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