Have You Seen My Movie?

An enthralling montage of magical moments of cinema-going extracted from across movie history that resonate with our own personal memories of the cinema.

Image from Have You Seen My Movie?

Dir-Prod Paul Anton Smith
UK-Canada 2016

These members of the filmmaking team are expected to attend the festival:

Paul Anton Smith, Director / Producer

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A veritable feast for all cinema-lovers, this is an enthralling montage of magical moments of cinema-going extracted from movie history by Paul Anton Smith, who previously worked with artist Christian Marclay. Have You Seen My Movie? explores the entire film-going experience: underage boys attempting to get in to a cinema to see some bare flesh; pretentious debates in the queues; loading choc ices into trays, and of course the trailers and the main feature. Films from every genre play as lovers meet, criminals hide in the dark and rapt audiences watch on. We witness how the industry works, with red carpet premieres and stars appearing in iconic scenes. Selected from titles too numerous to mention, there are favourites from the Golden Age of Hollywood, Italian Neorealism, British cinema classics and much more, all seamlessly brought together to resonate with our own emotional memories of the cinema.

Helen de Witt