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Haunted Space

People and histories linger here, embedded in homes, houses and places, long after their departure, creating new psychic fictions and enigmatic truths.

William Fowler

3 Church Walk

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  • Director Emily Richardson
  • UK 2014
  • 23 mins

Richardson stalks the abandoned Suffolk house of deceased modernist architect H.T. Cadbury Brown. Aural textures gleaned from personal possessions and materials soundtrack the mysterious structure.

Call of North

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  • Director Ruth Maclennan
  • UK-Russia 2014
  • 23 mins

Overlapping stories about a peoples’ relationship to the land and the traumatic past are evoked in this immersive film shot in Karelia, on the Artic Circle.

Listening to the Space in My Room

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  • Director Robert Beavers
  • Switzerland-Germany-USA 2013
  • 20 mins

Beavers composes from fragments, constructing a beguiling sensual space. A beautiful house and its two occupants are glimpsed and yet never truly seen or known.

The Dark, Krystle

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  • Director Michael Robinson
  • USA 2013
  • 10 mins

Surrealistic mythic space and archetypal motifs are opened-up and then deconstructed in this extraordinary collage of lurid moments from the TV series Dynasty.

Total running time 76 mins

Still images copyright by the artist and courtesy of Video Data Bank.

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