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Goosebumps 3D

When Zack accidentally unleashes a deluge of monsters on a small town, mayhem ensues.

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Director Rob Letterman
Producers Deborah Forte, Neal H Moritz
Screenwriter Darren Lemke
With Jack Black, Dylan Minnette, Odeya Rush, Amy Ryan, Ryan Lee, Jillian Bell
USA 2014
98 mins
UK distribution Sony Pictures Releasing (UK)

It’s here. After many years and millions of books, the moment that fans of R L Stein’s hugely popular Goosebumps stories have been waiting for... Jack’s mother is appointed Vice-Principal of a school in Madison, Delaware and against his wishes they start a new life in the quiet, unassuming neighbourhood. He has a crush on Hannah, who lives next door, but her father, harbouring a huge secret, keeps her locked away and out of school. After a misguided attempt to help her leave home, Zack unwittingly releases an enormous collection of monsters, ghouls, spooks and spirits, and Hannah’s father is forced to reveal his true identity. With a sinister ventriloquist doll, treacherous garden gnomes and a giant clematis on the loose and causing mayhem in the town, only our hero and his friends can hope to reverse the terror that has been unleashed. Rob Letterman (Monsters Vs Aliens, Gulliver’s Travels) has made a thrilling and heart-stoppingly entertaining film that remains faithful to the Goosebumps stories and is likely to create a new legion of fans for the series. While it doesn’t shy away from the thrills, the scares stay on the right side of family friendly.

Justin Johnson

Suitable for ages 6+