The Gold-Laden Sheep & the Sacred Mountain

Sona Dhwandi Bhed Te Suchha Pahad

In the remote Himalayas, a shepherd searches for a mythical mountain where a plane has crashed. But is his heart as sacred as the place he seeks?

Dir Ridham Janve
Prod-Scr Ridham Janve, Akshay Singh
With Arjun Pandit, Lokendra Gurung
Prod Co National Film Development Corporation Ltd.
With English subtitles

Time takes on a different role up in the mountains. You must take a moment to become attuned to the expansive surroundings; stop to look at the wild vista lest you miss the storm approaching, or you lose your flock to a bear. Shepherd Arjun and servant Bahadur guide their herd with skillful precision, passing time in the gruff friendship that their difference in age and status allows. One night, friends pass by bringing news of a crashed fighter jet in a distant valley. As their thoughts turn to the reward for its location, their humble mountain existence turns into a scene of increasing chaos. Ridham Janve’s vivid debut moves with ease between documentary observation and metaphysical fable, delivering a film as rich as the treasures that are sought within it.

Jemma Desai

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