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Future Pasts and Past Futures

The present moment is only the collision of the past into the future. From politics to pop, wandering to war, these films expose the uncertainties of contemporary perception.

Helen de Witt

Total running time 82min

Mad Ladders

A religious rapture narrated through prophetic rhetoric, while the heavens give way to TV spectacle.

Image from Mad Ladders

Dir Michael Robinson
USA 2015

In the Future, They Ate From the Finest Porcelain

Sci-fi, archaeology and politics collide as a resistance group seeks to create a false past that will establish a future nation.

Image from In the Finest Future, The Ate From the Finest Porcelain

Dir Larissa Sansour, Soren Lind
UK-Denmark-Qatar 2016

Hero City

A narrator retraces a journey to a city beyond the Arctic Circle, recounting an idealised past while her film betrays the discontent of today.

Image from Hero City

Dir Ruth Maclennan
Russia-UK 2016

Scales in the Spectrum of Space

A collective memory of Chicago constructed from 35 different camera views across time.

Image from Scales in the Spectrum of Space

Dir Fern Silva
USA 2015

A Place I’ve Never Been

The Acropolis, as the birthplace of Western civilisation, brought to us through animating zillions of near-identical tourist snaps.

Image from A Place I’ve Never Been

Dir Adrian Flury
Switzerland 2015

Dude Down

The absurdity of war told through the irony of a failed Improvised Explosive Device explaining its travails to its maker.

Dude Down

Dir George Barber
UK 2016

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