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Expanding from the claustrophobic confines of his award-winning Lebanon, Samuel Maoz presents a provocative portrait of the mind-set of generations subject to Israeli military conscription.


Dir-Scr Samuel Maoz
Prod Michael Weber, Viola Fügen, Eitan Mansuri, Cedomir Kolar, Marc Baschet, Michel Merkt
With Sarah Adler, Lior Ashkenazi
Sales The Match Factory

One to savour on the biggest screen, Foxtrot highlights the absurdities of conscripted military service, examines the relationship between a father and his remote son, and sees a couple grapple with every parent’s worst nightmare. Michael and Daphna Feldmann (Lior Ashkenazi and Sarah Adler) have barely begun to accept the horrific news about their son, when they discover that all is not what it seems. Meanwhile, teenage Israeli soldiers fight boredom at a military checkpoint, placing bets on whether their dilapidated barrack is sinking into the mud. After winning Venice’s Golden Lion with his exceptional and controversial Lebanon, Samuel Maoz once again contemplates the reality-altering nature of militarised life. Pulling back from the extreme proximity of his previous film (entirely set within a tank), Maoz adopts a wider perspective with Foxtrot, examining the impact of regimented behaviour – whether it’s an Israeli family living an ordered middle-class city life, young people asked to control who comes and goes at a border, or military personnel blindly following protocol. Amidst this, Maoz reflects on a son’s shifting perception of his father (with Lior Ashkenazi superbly conveying an aging father’s chiselled vulnerability). Giora Bejach’s cinematography finds thrilling ways to convey meaning with every precise shot, ensuring that Foxtrot combines a breathtaking cinematic experience with a resonant reflection on modern Israeli life.

Tricia Tuttle

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