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Fight or Flight

The characters in these tense and highly-charged films experience adrenaline-fuelled reactions in response to some extreme situations. One feels the buzz of a pre-performance ritual, while another seeks thrills though a shoplifting spree. Others suffer police harassment or experience absolute terror.

Simon Young



Director Susan Jacobson
UK 2015
14 mins

Rita is about to kick the bucket, but before she does she has one last job to do: drag her granddaughter out of the closet.



Director Iván D Gaona
Colombia 2014
16 mins

A rural milkman insists that his significantly younger partner collect the overdue payment from their most difficult customer.

Band Call

Band Call

Director Max Beesley Jnr
UK 2015
20 mins

In the last moments before he goes on stage, an ageing performer of old school cabaret rehearses in his dressing room. Or so he thinks.



Director Reinaldo Marcus Green
USA 2014
9 mins

A young man’s livelihood is put to the test when he gets profiled and stopped by the police on his way home one day.

The Stomach

Director Ben Steiner
UK 2014
15 mins

Frank is a professional spirit medium, but wants to quit. Part body horror, part crime thriller, part ghost story, this is a great example of supernatural noir.



Director Caroline Bartleet
UK 2015
6 mins

Gemma wakes to find her house on fire. Trapped with her son, she dials 999. The operator who answers holds Gemma’s life in her hands.

Operator is nominated for the Short Film Award.

The Brain Hack

Director Joseph White
UK 2014
19 mins

Two film students create a visual stimulant that induces hallucinations of God, but soon find themselves attracting unwanted attention from a religious cult. Warning: this film contains flashing images and strobe effects.

Total running time 99 mins

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