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So sorry and a big thank you for bearing with us

Dear Members

Many of you today are understandably frustrated by the problems arising as we opened priority booking for the Festival. It is with considerable relief that we can advise our online booking system is restored.

Whilst some of you were able to book your chosen tickets before the system failed, I can only apologise sincerely to those who were not.

I wanted to write personally to convey how deeply sorry I am that this occurred and thank you for your patience. It provides little satisfaction to you, I appreciate, that the problem is outside BFI systems.

We kept phone and in person open for booking until 10:30 PM, rather than the advertised 8:30 PM, to help with demand. Our box office team have been overwhelmed with emails and unfortunately we cannot provide immediate individual responses to your booking requests that have been sent in this way.

This is the very last thing we want. We are so proud of this year’s Festival line-up, eager to deliver great cinema to you, our valued supporters, and to welcome our new Members.

We do have considerable availability still for many screenings and I hope you will try again during the priority period.

Your support and understanding is much appreciated.

My very best regards,

Clare Stewart
Head of Cinemas and Festivals
Festival Director, BFI London Film Festival

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