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A Family Tour

The personal cost of life in political exile is explored in this delicate drama about a controversial director and her family.

Dir Ying Liang
Prod Yu Pei Hua, Jeremy Chua, C Melanopterus
Scr Chan Wai, Ying Liang
With Gong Zhe, Nai An, Pete Teo
Taiwan-Hong Kong (SAR of China)-Singapore-Malaysia
Sales Golden Scene

A filmmaker who has been living in exile in Hong Kong visits a festival in Taipei to present a film that has been banned in Mainland China. With her husband and child in tow, she has timed the visit to meet her mother, who still lives on the mainland but is travelling around Taiwan on a Saga-style coach tour. To avoid unwanted attention, the family follow the coach around, pretending to be locals. Based on the experiences of director Ying Liang, this is a serious and deeply thoughtful examination of the loss resulting from exile, and the irresolvable conflict between artistic expression and the bonds of family. Rich in character detail, the film has a tenderness running throughout, but also leaves a lasting sense of the cold horror of government censorship.

Kate Taylor

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