Special Presentation

Fahrenheit 11/9

One of North American culture’s most outspoken filmmakers, Michael Moore, turns his sights on one of the most controversial figures of our time: Donald Trump.

Dir-Scr Michael Moore
Prod Carl Deal, Meghan O’Hara, Michael Moore
RT 128
Sales AGC International

Moore inverts the title of his earlier Fahrenheit 9/11 as he goes after Trump – elected President of the US on 9 November 2016 – in this cautionary-tale-meets-disaster-movie. While much of the information here might be familiar to the Trump rubberneckers among us, Moore is a genius at connecting the dots of his argument with clarity and tremendous persuasion. With his trademark wit, Moore examines what led to Trump’s rise to power, strongly criticising the Democratic Party and the greed of the media. He also interrogates the role played by the Obama administration, accusing it of a myriad of wrongful policy decisions and apathy towards political disenchantment in the US. And never one to hold back, Moore presents some alarming comparisons between Trump and previous leaders accused of demagoguery. He pays close attention to recent cases that have shaken US culture to the core: the Flint water crisis; the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting; the West Virginia teachers’ strike. And to those affected, he gives a voice. These cases are employed to highlight the rot at the heart of the establishment, but they also champion the rise of widespread civic engagement. With Fahrenheit 11/9, Moore paints a fiery, startling portrait of life in Trump’s America. Populist, provocative and piercingly captivating, this is Moore’s clarion call to action.

Ana David