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Experimental cinema and artists’ film and video.

This year the LFF showcase of Experimental Cinema and Artists’ Moving Image, co-programmed with LUX, presents an extensive a selection of new British work that includes pieces from Duncan Campbell, Ben Rivers and Ben Russell, and Andrea Luka Zimmerman. We traverse the globe with international works including From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf from India and Gym Lumbera’s Anak Araw from the Philippines, while 1980s archival restorations from the BFI and Anthology sit alongside a tribute to the late Stom Sogo, Jodie Mack performs live to Dusty Stacks of Mom and there are screenings of Boris Lehman’s epic My Conversations on Film. Many screenings include the opportunity to see the filmmaker in conversation.

Helen de Witt, Benjamin Cook, William Fowler

Anak ArawAnak Araw

Magic realism in the Philippines as an albino boy muses on his supposed American father through a journey into language and identity.

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From Gulf to Gulf to GulfFrom Gulf to Gulf to Gulf

Mobile phone video from the sailors who brave the routes between India and the Persian Gulf form the basis of grassroots true-life adventure.

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Pays BarbarePays Barbare

Bringing to light the barbarism of colonial occupation in recently discovered Italian films of the 1920s and 1930s.

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A Spell to Ward Off the DarknessA Spell to Ward Off the Darkness

Artist filmmakers Ben Rivers and Ben Russell collaborate on a journey of the spirit across northern landscapes towards transcendence.

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Taşkafa, Stories of the StreetTaşkafa, Stories of the Street

The erosion of an Istanbul community by vested economic interests is told through the eyes of the street dogs that have always been welcome there.

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Jodie Mack: Let Your Light ShineJodie Mack: Let Your Light Shine

A programme of work including Jodie’s new film and performance, Dusty Stacks of Mom.

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An Eternal ReturnAn Eternal Return

Four invocations ask what we can learn from the past.

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Cinema (Redacted)Cinema (Redacted)

Cinema history revisited and refracted through the contemporary. Includes films by Stephen Connolly and Mati Diop.

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Fields and FramesFields and Frames

Three experiments in cinematic space. Including films by Stephen Sutcliffe, Scott Stark and Sebastian Buerkner.

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Together in Electric Dreams: 80s Artist Film Restorations from the UKTogether in Electric Dreams: 80s Artist Film Restorations from the UK

We revisit and celebrate the colourful, sensual filmmaking scene of the early 1980s. Four 2K digital restorations recently completed by the BFI National Archive see their world premieres here in advance of a special extended presentation at BFI Southbank in spring 2014.

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My Conversations on FilmMy Conversations on Film

Experimental visionaries and mavericks of the silver screen discuss what cinema has meant to them.

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Stom Sogo: Sweet First, Seizure SecondStom Sogo: Sweet First, Seizure Second

Seven films by the late, lamented Japanese artist rebel showcasing his thunderous potential.

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Anthology Film Archives presents: Artist Film Restorations from the USAAnthology Film Archives presents: Artist Film Restorations from the USA

Eight-film sampler of Anthology’s archive of artist film featuring New York filmmakers.

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Cinema Re-actedCinema Re-acted

Films of the imagination that ask philosophical questions of narrative: what could have happened before, what would happen if, and what did really happen?

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When Statues DieWhen Statues Die

Two films on the life and afterlife of objects. Includes films by Ed Atkins and Duncan Campbell.

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Contained MovementContained Movement

Juxtapositions, interpretations, interpolations, modulations. Form and content merge to create natural forms from dots, make substance from absence, speed up natural processes, make the abstract concrete, play with observation, challenge perception and – ultimately – vanish.

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What Do We Do Now, Now That We Are Happy?What Do We Do Now, Now That We Are Happy?

What might utopia look like and when will it come? Includes films by Margaret Salmon, Ben Russell and Michael Robinson.

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People and PolisPeople and Polis

Found footage, covert filming and close observation characterise these films that explore the complexity and contractions of the politics of urban life, from state sponsored spectacle and police control to active resistance and the transformation of the built environment.

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BFI London Film Festival artworkArtists in the Archives

A seminar for artists and curators looking at the implications of artists’ film and video in the Archive.

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BFI London Film Festival artworkArtists’ Film in the Cinema

A one-day event looking into the complexities and opportunities for artists producing films for cinema exhibition.

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