Etangs Noirs

Nothing is quite what it seems in this enigmatic mystery which promises to be one of the most original films of the year.

Dir-Scr Pieter Dumoulin, Timeau De Keyser
Prod Rasmus Van Heddeghem, Ruben Desiere
Scr Pieter Dumoulin, Timeau De Keyser
With Cédric Luvuezo, Rudy Mira, Makvala Pirtskhalava-Sakhelashvili
Prod Co Accattone films

Jimi is a young man living in the Brussels’ neighbourhood of Cité Modèle. After a package belonging to a woman residing in the neighbouring apartment block is mistakenly delivered to his address, Jimi attempts to hand it personally to its rightful owner. Only she is never in. As time passes, Jimi’s desire to deliver the parcel turns into an obsession. From its deceptively simple starting point, Etangs Noirs (named after the Brussels metro station), evolves into a hugely compelling and, at times, fascinatingly inscrutable venture, quite unlike anything else. Finding understated tension in the seemingly mundane and subtle foreboding in the everyday, co-directors Pieter Dumoulin and Timeau De Keyser preside over their subject matter with masterful control, always keeping the viewer in a state of intangible unease.

Michael Blyth