• Director

    Michael Pearce

  • Producers

    Derrin Schlesinger, Piers Vellacott, Dimitri Doganis

  • Screenwriters

    Joe Barton, Michael Pearce

  • With

    Riz Ahmed, Octavia Spencer, Rory Cochrane

  • USA-UK 2021. 108min

  • UK Distribution


  • Language


In possession of top-secret government information regarding an advancing alien invasion, a decorated war veteran races back to his former home to warn his estranged family of the impending danger. Believing his ex-wife to be already contaminated by the deadly inhuman threat, he flees the house with his two sons, embarking on a dangerous expedition to reach safety. A gripping fusion of speculative science fiction, paranoid thriller and unconventional road movie, Michael Pearce’s nail-biting sophomore feature is a bracingly unpredictable ride, consistently upending expectations and surprising at every turn. Yet, despite its otherworldly set-up, Encounter is at heart a deeply human story, driven by a powerful performance from Riz Ahmed as a man resolutely determined to protect his family, no matter what the cost.

Michael Blyth

Access information

The screening on Saturday 9 October will be presented with closed captions for customers who are D/deaf or hard of hearing.

This film contains flashing images.

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