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The peculiar story of two identical young men unfolds in this imaginative, low-key sci-fi fable featuring Baby Driver star Ansel Elgort.

Dir Bill Oliver
Prod Randy Manis, Ricky Tollman
Scr Gregory Davis, Bill Oliver, Peter Nickowitz
With Ansel Elgort, Patricia Clarkson, Suki Waterhouse
UK Distribution Signature Entertainment

Eschewing the futuristic trappings we have come to expect of sci-fi cinema, Bill Oliver’s understated fantasy welcomes us instead to a familiar world of neatly furnished apartments, clean office spaces and bustling city streets. But within these recognisable spaces, something else is at play. Jonathan lives his life like clockwork. A part-time architectural draftsman, he goes through the same routines with unwavering regularity, including leaving a video message for an almost identical man named John (albeit a more relaxed, less buttoned-up version), in which he details the banal events of his day. John in turn leaves messages too, and slowly the true nature of their relationship becomes clear. Featuring a brilliantly nuanced dual performance from a superb Ansel Elgort, Duplicate is a very different kind of genre film, intimate in scale yet boldly ambitious in its ideas.

Michael Blyth

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