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The Dude in Me

A ballsy gangster accidentally possesses a timid schoolboy in this sassy body-swap comedy from South Korea.

Dir Hyo-jin Kang
Prod Seung-hyo Lee, Bong-jun Kim
Scr Dae-sung Park
With Jin-young Jung, Sung-woong Park, Mi-ran Ra, Soo-min Lee, Kwang-kyu Kim
South Korea
Sales Finecut
With English subtitles

Pan-su (Sung-woong Park) is a high-flying CEO and ruthless gangster who thinks nothing of violently muscling out the little man to get what he wants. After a strange encounter at a ramen cafe, he’s involved in a street accident and finds himself in a pickle when he awakens to discover that he’s magically traded bodies with... a nerdy high-school student. Crikey! As the timid teenager Dong-hyeon (Jin-young Jung, of K-pop band B1A4) gains super-confidence overnight, his inner Pan-su discovers that he has unfinished business with a classmate’s mother. From Freaky Friday to Your Name, body swapping is an ongoing fascination in cinema. The Dude in Me approaches the genre with giddy glee, revelling in hilarious slapstick, whip-crack timing, and some finely-tuned comic performances – particularly that of heartthrob Jin-young Jung, who displays a surprising adeptness at playing a boy possessed by a crass middle-aged man. Employing dry humour to undercut macho culture, the film finds fresh twists to a classic premise, resulting in an upbeat, poptastic entertainment that sustains its surprisingly sweet energy and laughs to the last.

Kate Taylor

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