Dublin Oldschool

Rave culture, lost love and brotherly bonds are seen through the prism of a narcotic haze in this adrenaline-rush of an Irish drama.

Dir Dave Tynan
Prod Dave Leahy, Mike Donnelly
Scr Emmet Kirwan, Dave Tynan
With Emmet Kirwan, Ian Lloyd Anderson
Prod Co Warrior Productions

Jason (Emmet Kirwan) is all set to cane his way through a zillion different drugs on a bank holiday weekend in Dublin. Then he runs into his estranged brother Daniel, a homeless junkie trying to kick the habit, whom Jason had assumed to be dead. As the weekend bender progresses, Jason hits the city and it hits back, leading to run-ins with the Garda, errant London DJs and Gemma (Seána Kerslake), the girlfriend that got away. Rising star Kirwan adapted the script from his play (recently produced by the National Theatre) with debut director Dave Tynan. It’s witty and energetic filmmaking, beautifully capturing the pleasure of mates hanging out, the thorny nature of fraternal bonds and the moments that define who we are.

Kate Taylor

Additional information

The screening on Sun 21 Oct has English language subtitles, including descriptions of non-dialogue audio, for customers who are D/deaf or hard of hearing. Unfortunately the infrared loop system for the hard of hearing at Curzon Soho is currently unavailable. We apologise for any inconvenience.