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Drive It Like You Stole It!

Films that live for the moment.

These individuals can’t hold back as they head into murky and often unexplored territory.

Nellie Alston

Total running time 104 min

This is a 18+ screening. This programme contains scenes of a sexual nature.

Films in this programme
  • Image from Between, Dir Ana Carolina Marinho, Bárbara Santos


  • Image from Junior Bangers, Dir Danny Lee

    Junior Bangers

  • Image from Kids, Dir Michael Frei


  • Image from Eyes on the Road, Dir Stefanie Kolk

    Eyes on the Road

  • Image from Düerrenwaid 8, Dir Kirsten Carina Geisser, Ines Christine Geisser

    Duerrenwaid 8

  • Image from I am Mackenzie, Dir Artemis Anastasiadou

    I am Mackenzie

  • Image from Let’s Roll, Dir Chris Thomas

    Let’s Roll

Film 1



Heightened physical desire can be both liberating and treacherous, as two women observe each other from their towers.

Dir Ana Carolina Marinho, Bárbara Santos. Brazil 2019. 15min

Film 2

Junior Bangers

Accelerating down muddy, fast lanes and then washing down a bottle of J20 is just part of these kids’ weekly routines.

Dir Danny Lee. UK 2019. 13min

Film 3


Falling and running, this animation will keep you on your toes and then point you in the wrong direction because the group dynamics are never set.

Dir Michael Frei. Switzerland 2019. 9min

Film 4

Eyes on the Road

Discussions on a road trip hover around a devastating act, but at what point is it okay to call someone out on their opinions?

Dir Stefanie Kolk. Netherlands 2019. 17min

Film 5

Duerrenwaid 8

Two sisters collect memories, stories and observations from three generations and reshape them.

Dir Kirsten Carina Geisser, Ines Christine Geisser. Germany 2018. 7min

Film 6

I am Mackenzie

What does someone have to do to be seen? Desired even? A tomboy skater with a crush tries to experiment, but rushed acts can yield unexpected outcomes.

Dir Artemis Anastasiadou. USA-Greece 2019. 20min

Film 7

Let’s Roll

Bored and sick of being cast in male shadows, Antonia hurls her way through the problem – and after a Gloucester cheese.

Dir Chris Thomas. UK 2019. 23min

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